A review of Davide Scabin’s First Restaurant in New York 

With a name like Davide Scabin, you know you are going to have a good meal. And that’s exactly what you will be having if you decide to dine at the Michelin-starred chef’s new outpost (and first one in New York), Mulino a Vino.

The moment you set foot in the restaurant, you realize how authentically Italian the place is – if you’ve ever been to Italy, in fact, you’ll recognize the inebriating smell of buttery creams and fresh herbs. However, a glance at the menu and you will soon find yourself lost in new creations and quite bold combinations you wouldn’t find in your Granma’s kitchen. From a salty and spicy cacio e pepe bombolone to a peanut butter and jelly “Tribute to Manhattan” cheesecake – Davide Scabin has brought some of his inventive creativity of his Combal.Zero to New York.

If the above mentioned deliciousness weren’t enough for you to jump at the opportunity to go and try Mulino a Vino, here are another three reasons:

1. Wine comes first
With a name like Mulino a Vino, we couldn’t expect any less. Scabin knows very well how important wine is in a meal – how the ruby or hay colored liquids can enhance the flavors displayed on the plate. And that is why at Mulino a Vino you choose your wine first. Bold and robust, or fruity and delicate, from the selected wine, the servers will be able to recommend the perfect food pairing. Basically any wine lover’s paradise. And who doesn’t love wine!

2. A joyful sharing
All plates on the menu come in a small ($18), medium ($28) and large ($42) size, meaning that you can taste multiple plates and share them with the group! Apart from being the best way of dining since you indeed get to widen your palate and try almost every single thing on the menu, there’s also the added value of being able to discuss the flavors – and the pairing with the wine! – with your date or group of friends!

3. Donuts for dinner…it doesn’t get better than that!
Americans are renowned to be donut lovers, however let’s face it: Italians are probably not as bothered…until we realize that donut is the English equivalent of “bombolone” – those amazing, exquisite fried pastry dough balls with sugar powder on top. Then we all become huge fans. That is probably why Scabin decided to keep the “bombolone” name on the menu for his cacio e pepe donut – yes, a savory donut that can be eaten as an appetizer!

Still looking for another reason? Or have you already booked your table for tonight?

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